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Text files copied from Esri's Virtual Campus web course Understanding Geographic Data were touted as being FGDC-compliant. Few passed through MP without some kind of warning. This is a link to the copied files and steps taken to make the files completley FGDC-complaint and convert the text files to XML. Hopefully links to the actual metadata in a clearinghouse will be added, too.

TIGER/Line files


No errors, 5 warnings.



8 errors: 5 unrecognized, 1 misplaced, 2 missing.

Earth Explorer DRG from Teton Village


Each is slightly different:
Text (map on the left) initial errors:
204 errors: 110 unrecognized, 42 misplaced, 50 missing, 2 empty.
XML (map on the right) initial errors:
29 errors: 26 missing, 2 empty, 1 bad value.



9 errors: 6 unrecognized, 1 misplaced, 2 missing.

Earth Explorer DOQ from Teton Village


The content is much similar than in the DRG files. The formatting was the major difference. There were some pieces of information missing in both areas and other pieces found in one and not in the other.




9 errors: 6 unrecognized, 1 misplaced, 2 missing. (Both have the same errors on the same lines.)

DLG DiffFiles

Earth Explorer DLG from Teton Village

There were several different "flavors" of DLG's available for download from Earth Explorer and two different ways to access metadata (no true FGDC files were downloaded with the data):

Flood Data from FEMA


1768 errors: 603 unrecognized, 273 misplaced, 892 missing.



776 errors: 68 unrecognized, 387 misplaced, 275 missing, 46 empty.

Geospatial Data Gateway download for Teton



9 errors: 6 unrecognized, 1 misplaced, 2 missing.



378 errors: 175 unrecognized, 102 misplaced, 83 missing, 18 empty.



430 errors: 45 unrecognized, 222 misplaced, 132 missing, 31 empty.

Landsat MSS


180 errors: 154 missing, 25 empty, 1 bad value.

Landsat ETM+


164 errors: 142 missing, 19 empty, 3 bad value.



No errors, 1 warning.